Updated when I can. College is more important and will probably take up a good bit of time.
I will update ASAP, however.


forum cams extra



Two excellent pics of myself, done Jhonen Vasquez style, as made by Lusiphur Malaché of Ravenfeather Designs.

This was made by TheGeekLife from Finely Made Comix.

And some art of Spktor from Yoon.

This is a drawing, once again of myself, from Yahiko from the forums. I wish I could draw this good.

And hypersailorscout, another forumite, tossed this awesome sketch my way. I look so Final Fantasy.

Two badass anime-type drawings from Animeluva1.

Radiopillows sent this in. I feel like Adventurers, all my fanart is a million times better than mine.

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