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Main Characters:


Shadow The Rat:

Currently the administrator for the LQC boards. After spending alot of time on forums, he decided to start his own, with all the bitterness and cynicism carried over from moderating countless armies of morons and people making, "HI I'M NEW" threads. While he has much experience running forums, there are times when general fanboyism runs rampant through his system, as with all of us.


Spktor (pronounced speck-tore):

There is a proven fact among any forum that allows avatars. There will always be the guy with the dancing Black Mage avatar. Spktor just so happens to be our guy with the dancin mage avatar. In addition to his animated-ness, he also has little regard for stupid people, moreso than Shadow, however.


Joe n00bie:

No matter what you post in the forum rules, there will always be the one or two or three or fifty people that fail to read them, or people that say things that make you realize you're smarter than most of the general population. Joe is somewhat of a big, messy mixture of all of these retards, and many of his incarnations you've more than likely met along your Internet travels.


Shirt Ninja:

Every forum has to have a ninja. In fact, many forums have many ninjas. But this one has a shirt wrapped around his head.

Once again if you feel there is any connection between our Hanes Beefy Tee-clad ninja and Greg Dean's, trust me. He's just a fan of Greg's work.

Secondary Characters:


Nazi Moderator:

There are times when Shadow should take the initiative and stop forum threads in their tracks. There are those wierd things stopping him, like "laziness," and "being nice." Well, luckily for him, the Nazi Moderator is devoid of such morals and lack of effort, and gladly stomps down on the hardest of threads.

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