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Low Quality Comics F.A.Q. For You All Go To Hell

Q: Who is the almighty awesome and kickass guy who make these funny and intellectual comics?

A: Okay, so he's not very intellecutal. But he is a forum whore, traversing seventeen forums
and moderating five of them.

Q: So how do you draw this crap?

A: Currently I use an Aiptek graphics tablet, and I draw it in Flash.

Q: Why did you start making LQC in the first place?

A: Well, I already had two comics that failed on Keenspace, as I read alot of comics but
never really delved into the community of the webcomic world. This is why the first
two failed, as I had no clue about anything in the internet culture, with the exception
of playing multiplayer FPS games, Diablo II, and reading webcomics. Kind of funny,
really, as I've been using the Internet for almost a decade (or whenever it came out).

It wasn't until about after 2003 started when I decided to start making comics again.
Ever since September I was hanging out on about seven or so forums, and was loving
every minute of it. I made more friends being a forum whore than I had in my life to date.

But I would get alot of humor and entertainment from these forums, so I had one basis:

The forums I hung out on made me laugh.

And with this idea I let it evolve. I experimented drawing in Flash and made characters
based off of friends or things that I noticed was common on almost every forum.

Q: Are the characters like their forum counterparts?

A: Somewhat. The basic stuff like the character conception was easy, as their forum
avatars gave a good enough picture. Their personality is a mix of things, kind of like
a hybrid between the real life counterpart, with the influence of different aspects of
myself. Even Joe, as we all say dumb things and fuck up more than once.

Q: Hey! My question wasn't answered!

A: Then Email Me.

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